Air Force Delivers ‘Unified Platform’ Increment 1 to Cybercom

Department of Defense officials said the U.S. Air Force developed the first iteration of a cyber platform designed to help cyber forces perform mission planning, share information and deliver command-and-control systems to support cyber missions, Fifth Domain reported Monday.

A spokesman for the Air Force said the service handed over to U.S. Cyber Command the first increment of the Unified Platform April 9. Increment 1 features capabilities for interoperability and defensive cyber operations.

According to the report, the service plans to allocate $100M in 2020 funds for the Unified Platform, which is meant to serve as a tactical cyber operations system to enable individual cyber teams to facilitate coordination and carry out operations.

The Air Force tapped Northrop Grumman in October to serve as a systems coordinator for the platform. In February, the service selected Northrop, Lockheed Martin, ManTech International, Accenture and General Dynamics’ One Source business for the cyber enterprise services contract.

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