DHS Describes Reasons for Delays in Identifying Staffing Needs

Chip Fulghum, deputy undersecretary for management at the Department of Homeland Security, said during a hearing on Capitol Hill that new coding frameworks delayed the agency’s efforts to assign two-digit codes for classifying cybersecurity positions, FCW reported Wednesday.

Fulghum testified before the House subcommittee on homeland security oversight, management and accountability that the 2017 transition into a three-digit code delayed the department’s assignment of two-digit codes to each of its information technology and cyber positions.

A Government Accountability Office report released in February 2018 states that the DHS was behind schedule in complying with the Homeland Security and Cybersecurity Workforce Assessment Act of 2014, which requires the department to assign a classification code to each cyber position. The effort was intended to help the government identify cybersecurity staffing needs.

The DHS Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency previously requested $11.4M to cover the hiring of 150 more cyber personnel by the end of 2020.

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