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Energy Department Announces Quantum Computing Funding Opportunity

The Department of Energy intends to award $40M in funds to research concepts supporting development of new programs and algorithms for quantum computers.
In an announcement released Tuesday the department said the funding opportunity is intended to create reinforced applications and algorithms that will address scientific concerns and adapt to various types of quantum computing systems through the establishment of multidisciplinary teams.

“Continued investments in quantum computing will focus the intellectual prowess of our scientists and engineers on the development of technologies that the private sector can convert into commercial applications to improve the lives and security of all Americans," said Rick Perry, the secretary of energy.

National laboratories, universities, nonprofit organizations and industry partners are eligible to participate in the funding opportunity. The department will award the recipients through peer review and will cover five-year projects.

Interested applicants can submit letters of intent through May 1 while selected concepts may send final applications until May 31.

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