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GAO Finds Slow Development in OMB’s Data Center Optimization Initiative

The Government Accountability Office issued a report highlighting the slow progress in the Office of Management and Budget's Data Center Optimization Initiative. GAO said Thursday that of the 24 agencies participating in the program, 11 did not create a plan to meet their goals to close or improve data centers in 2018. 

OMB required agencies to complete efforts under DCOI in September 2018. However, as of August only 13 either achieved assigned closure goals or established plans to meet the deadline. 

“The 24 agencies reported limited progress against OMB's five data center optimization targets for server utilization and automated monitoring, energy metering, power usage effectiveness, facility utilization and virtualization,” GAO said. 

In August, 16 of the agencies reported meeting cost savings targets of a total of $2.36 billion between fiscal years 2016 and 2018. GAO recommends that agencies improve performance in the DCOI, prioritize their remaining data centers' operational efficiency and identify further savings. Only 11 participating agencies agreed with the recommendations.

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