Naval Research Lab Looks at AI Tools to Maintain Workforce

The Naval Research Laboratory aims to use artificial intelligence to predict when an employee is likely to leave the federal government. The plan comes as the Trump Administration wants to introduce the safe use of AI among the federal workforce, Federal News Network reported Thursday.

Ranjeev Mittu, head of information management and decision architectures at the laboratory's information technology division, said the lab seeks AI tools that can analyze data from exit surveys and review common workplace issues.

“As employees are progressing in their career, we can look at the predictors. Do those predictors tell us we might have an employee that is going to leave? Should we fix a problem because a lot of employees are leaving for a given problem that no one’s addressed? I think there’s a rich opportunity not just to apply machine learning, but a variety of approaches under AI to solve this kind of problem,” he said. 

Mittu said one naval command is already utilizing AI-based technologies to reduce time spent on manual tasks, like copying data from one spreadsheet to another. Some tasks that once required three weeks are now being done in four days.

“It allowed this analyst to focus on other problems within the command,” he said.

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