OFPP Plans to Deploy Emerging Tech for Acquisition Operations

The Office of Management and Budget’s Office of Federal Procurement Policy is working to implement emerging technology to streamline acquisition procedures, FedScoop reported Friday.

Joanie Newhart, associate administrator of acquisition workforce programs at the OFPP, said the office is collaborating with the Chief Acquisition Officer Council to deploy new technologies like robotics and artificial intelligence to handle the workload and repetitive functions during the recent 2019 FedScoop IT Modernization Summit.

“We think it’s going to explode this year, so we want to get in front of it and use it wisely,” she noted.

Agencies like the Department of Health and Human Services are leading the efforts to utilize technologies like AI and blockchain to automate contracting processes, according to Newhart. She added that OFPP will partner with Congress to develop strategies for using emerging technology to accelerate procurement procedures as part of the former’s Acquisition Modernization Plan.

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