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Sandia Nat’l Labs Developing AI Capabilities for Hypersonic Vehicles

The Department of Energy's Sandia National Labs is working to integrate automated technology into hypersonic vehicles to support flight and mission planning and improve aircraft survivability, National Defense reported Thursday.

Alex Roesler, deputy director of Sandia's integrated military systems center, said that automating mission and flight planning for hypersonic aircraft would accelerate testing operations that normally require extensive expert input and take weeks to plan during the U.S. Army’s Mad Scientist event in Texas.

“What we think is needed are solutions that are artificial intelligence- and machine learning-based that automates that analysis,” he noted.

The lab is collaborating with various universities to develop AI-driven aerospace platforms as part of the Autonomous New Mexico research initiative. Sandia is conducting tests to support the development of hypersonic vehicles over the past three decades.

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