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4th Space Operations Squadron Secures Access of AEHF-4 Satellite

Jeff Brody

The Space and Missile Systems Center handed control of a satellite unit to the 4th Space Operations Squadron during a ceremony on May 3. Built by Lockheed Martin, the Advanced Extremely High Frequency-4 satellite has received operability status from SMC and is slated to join the 4th SOPS' satellite constellation, the Schriever Air Force Base said Wednesday

Amanda Shepherd-Bond, satellite spacecraft engineer and event coordinator at 4th SOPS, said AEHF systems have increased the throughput of the squadron's Millstar satellites to ten times, allowing them to accommodate accelerated modification of radio frequency resistance. She added that the AEHF will support a broad range of missions including theater mission defense and intelligence functions.

AEHF-4 has launched aboard United Launch Alliance's Atlas V 551 spacecraft in 2018 as part of a joint mission between Boeing and Lockheed. Scott Podlogar, satellite engineer at 4th SOPS, said the squadron intends to deploy two additional satellites in space, with the fifth AEHF slated for launch in the summer.

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