Cyberspace Solarium Commission Working on Organizational Structure, Allocations

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Jeff Brody

The Cyberspace Solarium Commission is working to establish an organizational structure and determine resource allocations to support the newly created unit’s three main cyber defense strategies, FCW reported Monday

The 14-member interagency commission was established under the fiscal 2019 National Defense Authorization Act and seeks to create working teams to handle offensive strategy, deterrence-focused defensive strategy and international threat regulation efforts. Issues covered by the three strategies may span electoral interference, 5G implementation, espionage and threats to critical infrastructure including financial institutions and the electric grid.

"There's no central leadership and there's no policy that our adversaries – or our allies for that matter – can discern about what we're going to do in a particular situation, and my belief is that until we clarify that, we're going to keep getting hit," said Sen. Angus King, co-chair of the commission.