DHS Releases Thermal Monitor for Firefighters

Jeff Brody

The Department of Homeland Security unveiled a body-worn device to monitor thermal conditions and alarm warfighters on potential hazards. Funded through the Small Business Innovation Research initiative, Burn Saver is a lightweight device designed to track the heat flux and temperature of fireground environments through the use of built-in sensors, DHS said Tuesday

"The weakest part of our ensemble is our face piece, so having the Burn Saver to help us prevent that failure is very important," said Lisa Pine, training and safety officer at the Fire Prevention and Control's Colorado division. 

The device will also provide an alarm notification once it calculates that the user has 45 seconds before the face piece receives damage to mitigate potential risks. DHS' science and technology directorate performed a field test to assess the Burn Saver's durability, range of motion and effects on firefighter mobility.

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