NBIB, DoD Launch Preparations for DCSA Security Clearance Duty Transition

Jeff Brody

The National Background Investigations Bureau and Department of Defense are working on funding and systems modernization efforts ahead of the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency’s start of operations in October, Federal News Network reported Friday.

According to NBIB Director Charlie Phalen, the bureau and DoD seek to establish a working capital fund for DCSA and update the Office of Personnel Management’s background investigation platform before the National Background Investigations Service system succeeds it by 2020. “We will make sure they are fully funded to get them through the transition and stay solvent throughout the beginnings,” he added.

Other efforts the two agencies are collaborating on include transferring NBIB contracts to DoD and resolving the security clearance backlog. Previously, the Trump Administration directed NBIB to transfer background investigation responsibilities to DCSA. The new Pentagon unit will include the NBIB, Defense Security Service, NBIS personnel and other employees under the DoD’s Consolidated Adjudications Facility and Insider Threat Management and Analysis Center.

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