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SOCOM to Develop AI-Based Strategy for Asset Allocation, Transparency

Jeff Brody

The U.S. Special Operations Command hopes to create a machine learning and artificial intelligence strategy that allows transparency and validate allocation in future expenses, National Defense reported Thursday.

The strategy's roadmap will utilize AI-based applications, outreach and workforce components and is expected to yield five different outcomes and focus on six specific areas. Areas of focus under the strategy include planning and maneuver, communication resilience and cyber protection, talent management, logistics, budget management and vendor contracts.

“You can see how we're beginning to fuse those technologies, fuse those data sets to build smart systems that are capable of improving our operators’ capability to execute successful operations at a rate of precision and speed that has never been accomplished before,” said David Spirk, chief data officer at SOCOM.

Spirk noted that the command will develop a set of standards for the strategy and may hold a separate event to discuss its details.

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