USAF Lt. Gen. Arnold Bunch on Aircraft Sustainment, Software Development

Jeff Brody
Arnold Bunch

Lt. Gen. Arnold Bunch, the incoming head of Air Force Materiel Command, told Defense News in an interview published Tuesday that software development and aircraft sustainment are some of the improvement areas he wants to focus on. He cited the service’s effort to build up readiness as well as software development initiatives.

“I’ve got to get a lot smarter on sustainment. It’s an area that I will have to grow and it’s an area that I need to learn,” said Bunch, who will assume leadership of AFMC on Friday, May 31. “We have pockets and areas that are already doing great software development,” Bunch said. “The sustainment center has three software and maintenance groups …that are developing software all the time. I think that’s really good.”

He also discussed the importance of communicating with industry and the need for the service’s software developers, program managers and weapons testers to keep pace with the latest software development processes.

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