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Agencies Advance Trusted Internet Connections Pilots

Jeff Brody

Several agencies have begun conducting pilots of the updated Trusted Internet Connections policy even if the policy is not yet finalized, FedScoop reported Tuesday. The Office of Management and Budget released the draft TIC 3.0 policy in December, which intends to build network security across the government and eliminate barriers to the adoption of cloud and other tech platforms. 

Jim Russo, telecommunications manager at the General Services Administration’s office of telecommunications services, said one of the agencies piloting TIC 3.0 is the Small Business Administration, which aims to connect cloud to cybersecurity and software-defined networking. 

“The [TIC 3.0] draft gives us a pretty good idea of where it’s going, and we’re encouraging agencies to go ahead and create their requirements, start working with [the Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency], bring things to us, and put their requirements out there for industry to take a look at and come up with solutions that may work out,” Russo said. “We’re going to keep moving forward, even though the policy is not final, and when it is we’ll sort of catch it on the fly.” 

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