Cindy Daniell: AI Could Help NGA Address ‘Nothing Significant to Report’ Challenge

Cindy Daniell, Director of Research at NGA

Cindy Daniell, director of research at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, told C4ISRNET in an interview published Tuesday that artificial intelligence could help NGA analysts address the “nothing significant to report” issue in image triage.

“We are looking to AI to filter that, to perform video triage for us and tell us where there’s something significant and meanwhile they can just cull out all of the NSTRs,” Daniell said. “We’re looking to AI to perform those mundane processes and to help us allow the analysts then to focus on the real problems of complexity. The problems that take spatial analysis, that take correlating patterns of activity together and take more of a strategic reasoning; the AI can process out all of these simple robotics.”

She noted that NGA is intent to address other challenges including source strategies, image understanding beyond automatic target recognition and automated feature extraction.

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