DOE Supports 66 Projects in High-Energy Physics Under $77M Funding Opportunity

Jeff Brody

The Department of Energy has awarded 66 spots on a $77 million funding grant to support university research efforts in high-energy physics. The funding opportunity will help scientists from 51 academic institutions carry out theoretical and experimental studies in the areas of particle physics, detector technologies, dark matter and dark energies, DOE said Tuesday.

The awardees were chosen through a competitive peer review process facilitated by the agency's office of high energy physics. Selected projects include the analysis of observatory data on dark matter, assessment of Higgs boson particles from the Large Hadron Collider and an experimental search for dark matter at South Dakota.

“These research efforts, at dozens of universities across the nation, will not only yield fresh insights into such problems as dark matter and dark energy, but also help build and sustain the nation’s science and technology workforce," said Paul Dabbar, under secretary at DOE.

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