NGA’s Cindy Daniell Talks Human-Machine Partnership at GEOINT 2019 Conference

Jeff Brody
Cindy Daniell

Cindy Daniell, director of research at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, said NGA plans to use machines and other technologies to enable analysts to automate routine tasks to focus on the decision-making process, C4ISRNET reported Wednesday.

“This is, the way we see it, a true human-machine partnership. It’s harnessing the scale, the speed, the power of the computer processing and the human cognition both doing the best at their particular capabilities,” Daniell said Monday at a panel during the GEOINT 2019 symposium.

She said the agency plans to advance the human-machine partnership through handheld devices designed to process geospatial intelligence data for warfighters on the battlefield and carry out their missions.

“They all need to be able to have geospatial intelligence to interact with their world. At Research, we see the future that the NGA will deliver persistent, real time, on demand, secure GEOINT to the field for tactical and strategic missions,” said Daniell.

Daniell said NGA is developing an analytic tool that could help troops identify and locate adversaries.

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