Sue Gordon: Intell Community Should Expand AI Adoption to Accelerate Data Analysis

Jeff Brody
Sue Gordon

Sue Gordon, principal deputy director of national intelligence, said the intelligence community is expanding its use of artificial intelligence to accelerate data analysis, facilitate the decision-making process and keep ahead of adversaries, Nextgov reported Thursday. “We are going to have to make machines integrated into all our processes,” Gordon said on Thursday during the Defense One Tech Summit.

Gordon, a 2019 Wash100 Award winner, noted that national security will depend on how quickly countries can generate insights from information. “This is a world where the threats are to and through information. Every technology is available to everyone, and the one that can put it to clever use faster is the one that’s going to win,” she added.

She also discussed the role of machine learning and other data analysis platforms in helping intelligence agencies manage large data workloads as well as IC’s efforts to consolidate decision-making and data analysis initiatives.

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