Suzette Kent on Agencies’ Application Rationalization, Cloud Adoption Efforts

Suzette Kent

Federal Chief Information Officer Suzette Kent said government agencies are showing progress around cloud efforts for collaboration and email tools, Federal News Network reported Friday. Kent, a 2019 Wash100 winner, said on the network’s Ask the CIO that application rationalization is vital since it goes in concert with data center-related initiatives.

“By understanding what our technical environment and application environment needs are, that will help us get that last mile on the data centers both from a closure perspective as well as optimizing the ones we believe there is a reason to keep them there,” she said. “All of these things are part of our effort around re-skilling on the workforce side. We will over the summer and going into the fall complete the execution of a lot of these pilot programs and then we will turn our attention on how to scale them.”

Kent noted that the Office of Management and Budget will issue new data on cloud and other IT modernization metrics later this month and that her office is collaborating with the Government Accountability Office and lawmakers to update the Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act scorecard. She also provided updates on the quality service management office and the Trusted Internet Connections policy.

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