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USAF Applies New Laser Scanner to Radar Surveying

Jeff Brody

The U.S. Air Force's 84th Radar Evaluation Squadron received a 3D terrestrial laser scanner for use in radar survey operations. The squadron, stationed at Hill Air Force Base, works to monitor long-range radars to provide perimeter security across the country, USAF said Friday

The newly obtained Riegl VZ-2000i scanner would help the squadron survey terrain and man-made objects that hinder radar performance. The technology scans 360 degrees of an area in 40 seconds and links with software to generate a 3D model representing a radar site.

“The data this provides us takes that level of accuracy we were doing and magnifies it,” said flight supervisor Jason Kaas. “It’s going to allow the warfighter and the civilians in the sky feel a little safer at night," he added.

The scanner also features a built-in weather station to document atmospheric conditions that affect radar activity. These conditions include weather and air moisture. Air Combat Command initially allotted funds for two of the scanners, and recently issued the purchase of an additional unit.

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