Army Eyes Incremental Tech Insertion for Modernized Tactical Network

Jeff Brody

Army Futures Command has begun developing new technology platforms for insertion into the modernized integrated tactical network every couple of years starting in 2021, C4ISRNET reported Tuesday.

Col. Garth Winterle, program manager for tactical radios in program executive office command, control, communications-tactical, said the cross-functional team and the C5ISR center are collaborating to align all science and technology initiatives to incremental deliveries and make them “available for demonstration one to two years early.”

“So, when it comes time to field it, it’s actually been through a demonstration and a test and it’s actually ready to go out,” Winterle added. He noted that the cross-functional team is focused on monitoring both internal and external projects and the pace at which they can be fielded.

“It either comes out of our S&T community or if vendors at technical exchange meetings either demonstrate or communicate that they’re going to have that capability at certain times, that’s where we kind of insert it into the cap sets,” Winterle added.

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