B. Edwin Wilson: DoD Shifts Toward Proactive Cyber Posture

B. Edwin Wilson

B. Edwin Wilson, deputy assistant secretary of defense for cyber policy, explained at the Defense One Tech Summit the reason behind the Department of Defense’s move toward a proactive cybersecurity stance as part of its 2018 cyber strategy’s “defense forward” tactic, FCW reported Monday.

The shift toward a more offensive approach to cybersecurity is “because we’ve recognized that adversaries are using this domain and especially operating below … thresholds of a traditional response in enduring campaigns,” Wilson said Thursday during a panel discussion at the event.

He also mentioned DoD’s role in sharing intelligence and providing support to the Department of Homeland Security during elections. “The department does have a role in the defense of the homeland,” Wilson said at the event. “We’re not trying to do DHS’ job … we’re here to support.”

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