NARA, GSA Seek to Simplify Records Management Software Procurement With New Tool

Jeff Brody

The National Archives and Records Administration and the General Services Administration have partnered to create a market research tool to help agencies identify and acquire electronic and physical records management software and services, Nextgov reported Thursday. To support the effort, NARA and GSA formed a new special item number for electronic records management under Schedule 36 and are now planning to unveil the “ERM Solutions” contract vehicle on GSA’s Discovery website.

“What we heard from agencies is that they needed help identifying solutions for electronic records management from vendor services and that they needed help with the procurement processes and knowing what was out there,” said Courtney Anderson, an electronic records policy analyst.

Anderson said the new tool will enable agencies to filter through all ERM vendors and assess their offerings against NARA’s requirements and their needs. “It’s just a little bit more searchability than they currently have,” she added.

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