NAVWAR Pursues Partnership for Data Science Study

Jeff Brody

Naval Information Warfare Systems Command has partnered with the University of California, San Diego to research data science techniques that may support the U.S. Navy’s decision-making. The partnership intends to determine the staffing and training factors that significantly influence a ship’s performance with the Consolidated Afloat Network and Enterprise Services, a platform that consolidates naval network systems, the service branch said Wednesday.

“Partnering with UCSD has greatly accelerated our efforts to become more innovative in our approach to answering difficult questions through data,” said David Byres, NAVWAR information technology specialist and project manager for the data science effort.

NAVWAR will leverage expertise from multiple organizations such as NAVWAR Logistics and Fleet Readiness Competency, UCSD’s Halcolu Data Science Institute, Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific and Atlantic and Southwest Regional Maintenance Center. The project will run through some time in fiscal year 2020.


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