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CISA Issues Guidance for Addressing Ransomware Attacks

Jeff Brody

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency released new guidelines to help organizations better protect their systems against ransomware attacks.

CISA listed 15 courses of action such as keeping offline data backups, performing constant system updates, isolating infected systems and reviewing connections with outside entities including customers, partners and vendors. The Department of Homeland Security component also recommended organizations to practice good cyber hygiene, segment networks and establish a good recovery strategy.

“We have assisted many ransomware response and recovery efforts, building an understanding of how ransomware attacks unfold, and what potential steps you can take to better defend systems,” according to CISA. “But we also recognize that there’s no such thing as perfect cybersecurity and ransomware infections can still happen, so we’ve also developed recommendations to help organizations limit damage, and recover smartly and effectively.”

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