Commercial Drone Alliance Seeks ‘Regulatory Certainty’ for Large UAS Operations

Jeff Brody

The Commercial Drone Alliance is calling on the U.S. chief technology officer and the Federal Aviation Adinistration to “provide regulatory certainty” for operating large unmanned aerial systems. The industry group wrote to USCTO and 2019 Wash100 Award winner Michael Kratsios as well as FAA Administrator Stephen Dickinson and Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao seeking a “clear regulatory roadmap” for drones that weigh more than 55 pounds.

Current rules for factors such as type design and airworthiness as well as spectrum-related matters remain unclear, according to CDA. The group noted that if FAA “does not act expeditiously” on establishing clear rules for large UAS, the unmanned systems industry would stagnate. In addition, entities who are willing to support large UAS development and deployment would enlist the help of non-U.S. manufacturers who are bound by more flexible regulations.

“The FAA has long been a global leader in aviation safety and certification. However, to maintain that position, it must remain proactive, flexible, communicative and nimble in terms of large UAS operations,” CDA stated in the letters.

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