GAO: DoD Needs to Boost Oversight of Physical Access Control Systems

Jeff Brody

The Government Accountability Office has issued recommendations regarding the Department of Defense’s use of physical access control systems. GAO said Thursday that it found the service branch has not monitored the use of these PACS, and as a result, DoD is not aware of how much these systems are used.

DoD branches use PACS to manage personnel accessibility of military sites. The U.S. Army developed its own PACS, and the other branches use a PACS made by the Defense Manpower Data Center. The department’s Identity Matching Engine for Security and Analysis links to these PACS for assessments of whether a certain individual poses a threat.

While the Army employs performance measures to assess its PACS, DMDC does not, resulting to a lack of evaluation information on the system. GAO recommends various military officials to implement requirements that guide the monitoring of PACS’ use across installations.

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