NOAA to Seek Info on New Earth Observation Concepts; Karen St. Germain Quoted

Jeff Brody
Karen St. Germain

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration plans to solicit for input on geostationary orbit and low Earth orbit observation next month, Space News reported Thursday. The agency will seek out information on instruments and missions that address findings of an existing study to establish a resilient, agile space architecture.

The study, known as "NOAA Satellite Observing System Architecture," identified technologies that would compose the agency's sought space architecture. Karen St. Germain, director of systems architecture and advanced planning at NOAA's Satellite and Information Service, said the agency is also seeking new ideas for the architecture.

“These could be capabilities that have become available since we completed the analysis or option that we didn’t think of," she said at the Small Satellite Conference in Utah.

The effort also aims to address the ending lifespan of certain satellites deployed in low Earth orbit. Responses to the sourcing would inform demonstrations scheduled for the mid-2020s.

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