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TSA to Test Automated Biometrics Tech at McCarran Airport

Jeff Brody

The Transportation Security Administration will test a new identity verification process based on automated biometrics technology at the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. According to a Department of Homeland Security publication released Friday, TSA will conduct a short-term proof of concept to evaluate the use of Credential Authentication Technology with Camera to verify passengers going through the Travel Document Checker process.

CAT-C will process a passenger’s identity documents, capture real-time facial imagery and use facial matching algorithm to verify information. Passengers who will volunteer for the Privacy Impact Assessment still have to go through standard TDC verification procedures, according to TSA. The PIA follows TSA’s initial proof of concept at the Los Angeles International Airport which involved the use of automated electronic security gates fitted with cameras and facial recognition technology.

The assessment comes as part of TSA’s efforts to potentially deploy CAT-C as the primary identity verification platform for aviation security and enable personnel to “focus on other critical tasks and expediting security processes.” The agency also expects to extend the verification technology for individuals seeking access to airport sterile areas.

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