USAF Space Command Strategizes on Enterprise Data

Jeff Brody

Air Force Space Command presented a new enterprise data strategy that organizes and integrates activities across multiple data sources. AFSPC unveiled the new strategy at the command’s Chief Data Office Innovation Summit that took place July 30 to 31 at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado, Patrick AFB said Tuesday.

The summit served as a venue for discussion on strategy’s construction, rationale and potential benefits to the warfighter. The strategy serves as a framework for an integrated, agile data enterprise designed to support space domain awareness and multi-domain missions.

“The strategy will act as a clear roadmap outlining how AFSPC will structure and manage data,” said Maj. Gen. Kimberly Crider, mobilization assistant to the AFSPC commander, who co-hosted the summit.

Mark Brady, AFSPC chief data officer and the event’s other co-host, said his team conducted an assessment to determine the needs across the command’s space operations. The assessment covered 19 sites and found the command lacks an enterprise-level architecture that ties all data together. The strategy aims to address this finding.

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