Digital Service Tool Helps Contracting Officers Assess Workplaces’ Acquisition Culture

Jeff Brody

A U.S. Digital Service tool works to help contracting officers and specialists determine an organization’s readiness level in undergoing acquisitions as part of their digital transformation efforts, FCW reported Tuesday.

Florence Kasule, a digital services procurement expert at USDS, said the Digital Service Maturity Determination platform is designed to assess a workplace’s focus on end users, culture of delivery and transparency and seeks to help contracting professionals better understand the team they will work with. 

"Does that team track and measure feedback openly and honestly, are there intensive and frequent communications with the customer and/or end users of the system? So, when you go through [an] attribute, you're trying to assess whether that group has all of those practices adopted into the organizational culture or not,” Kasule said at an event.

The tool is used to score organizations across nine attributes, including transparency and openness, craftsmanship, Agile development championship, user-centered design, acquisition and continuous integration. Workplaces are categorized as novice, intermediate and expert based on their scores in those attributes.

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