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HHS Pilots AI System to Determine Government-Friendliness of Services

Jeff Brody

The Department of Health and Human Services has adopted artificial intelligence to determine how government-friendly a solicited service can be, FCW reported Monday. Jose Arrieta, chief information officer at HHS, said the department constructed a neural network that has so far calculated correctly 86 percent of the time.

The neural network serves to help human procurement staff determine government-friendly services and allow personnel to focus on more crucial work. The AI-driven network builds on existing HHS work statements and guidelines on governmental functions from the Government Accountability Office. HHS has so far spent under $300,000 on the project and anticipates to save about $100 million in the first batch of work, Arrieta said.

"The better you understand when you need federal employees and when you need contractors to perform a service, the better service outcome you will provide," the CIO noted.

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