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Jay Raymond Highlights Space Command’s Key Priorities

Jay Raymond

Gen. Jay Raymond, head of the U.S. Space Command, has said that preparing for space warfare and preventing conflict in space will be the command’s first area of focus, C4ISRnet reported Tuesday. In a recent event at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado, Raymond outlined four key priorities that must be addressed as Space Command begins its operations.

He said the command will handle offensive and defensive operations to protect the space interests of the U.S. and its allies. He added that Space Command must ensure the delivery of combat assets to joint and combined forces while fostering the development of lethal space forces.

“We find ourselves at a strategic inflection point where there’s nothing we do as a joint force that isn’t enabled by space, and yet, simultaneously, we can no longer have the luxury of assuming space superiority,” said Raymond.

Space Command was officially established as the 11th unified combatant command in August.

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