Navy to Speed Up Collaborative Functions Via Tech Bridges; James Geurts Quoted

Jeff Brody

The U.S. Navy seeks to reinforce the service branch’s collaboration capacities through the creation of five regional tech bridges in the U.S.

The Naval Expeditions office teamed up with the military service’s Systems Commands unit and the Office of Naval Research to connect, optimize and sustain acceleration ecosystems in off-base locations within San Diego, Florida, Indianapolis, Washington and Rhode Island, the Navy said Tuesday. According to the Navy, the selected tech bridges will collaborate with various organizations including private companies and academic institutions to conduct projects to address technological concerns.

“These five spaces will lower barriers that traditionally hamper external collaboration,” said James Geurts, assistant secretary for research, development and acquisition at the Navy. “I envision these as the first five, of a great number of tech bridges, to enable the Department of the Navy to achieve its goal of agility at scale,” added Geurts.

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