OFPP Chief Michael Wooten Lays Out Priorities to Modernize Federal Acquisition Process

Jeff Brody
Michael Wooten

Michael Wooten, administrator of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy within the Office of Management and Budget, said he has a set of priorities to advance and transform the government acquisition process. One is to build on current efforts to leverage the purchasing power through category management, Nextgov reported Monday.

The other priorities he discussed at a Professional Services Council-hosted event are upskilling the government's technology workforce and leveraging large data workloads and turning them into actionable business intelligence.

Wooten also discussed the potential of artificial intelligence and the need for the government procurement workforce to leverage machine learning, robotic process automation and other AI-related platforms.

“If we get this right, our AI acquisition is not outpaced by obsolescence and our near-peers,” Wooten said. “We have to think about that pace."

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