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VA Deploys Application Programming Interfaces to Modernize Service Delivery

Jeff Brody

The Department of Veterans Affairs has implemented application programming interfaces in an effort to improve the delivery of services to former military personnel, Nextgov reported Thursday. APIs are protocols designed to handle communications and shared functionalities between applications.

Surafeal Asgedom, VA's chief modernization officer, said at a Dell event in Washington, D.C. that APIs will serve as the “gateway to modernization efforts” and act as “future enablers” for technological advancement.

“Today, our veterans expect a more current care service,” he noted. “They want to be able to get the same kind of service they get in the commercial world.”

According to Asgedom, the department is rolling out the Facilities API, Benefits API and Verification API. The first API will use Amazon’s Alexa product to provide facility-related information and appointment scheduling services, while the second will involve Apple technologies and focus on the development of tools for veteran healthcare.

The third API will enable veterans to verify their status through various platforms.

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