BPC’s Dan Blair, Sallyanne Harper: Agencies Should Deploy AI to Improve Risk Mgmt

Jeff Brody

Professional members of the Bipartisan Policy Center are recommending agencies to deploy a risk-based approach to performance improvement and allocate more resources for improving oversight through emerging technologies like artificial intelligence.

Dan Blair, a fellow and senior counselor at BPC, and Sallyanne Harper, a member of the BPC Task Force and former Government Accountability Office official, wrote in a Government Executive piece published Friday that agencies can use AI to improve functions such as procurement operations, financial management and grant issuance.

Blair and Harper noted that public and private sector entities have already begun using robotic process automation to simplify their procedures. They also said that intelligent automation and cloud-based capabilities can help provide more reliable data for transparency and accountability.

“Having better data at hand helps ensure decision making is based on evidence, thus improving the way agencies conduct enterprise risk management and enhanced risk assessment,” they said. “Better risk assessment means dollars are spent more wisely and aimed at correcting important program deficiencies while improving performance. Better performance would allow the federal government to reclaim some of that lost public trust.”

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