Darrell Williams: DLA Using AI for Supply Chain, Warehouse Mgmt

Lt. Gen. Darrell Williams, director of the Defense Logistics Agency, has said that supply chain security is “every bit as important” as the logistics support the agency provides to military entities, Defense News reported Monday.

Williams told the publication in an interview that DLA is working to implement artificial intelligence and robotic process automation for inventory processing and increasing production. DLA is also experimenting with using bots for unassisted 24-hour monitoring and security activities, he noted.

“One of the things that we have done in DLA in just this past year is stand up an enterprise risk-management framework,” said Williams. “And then subordinate to that, we’ve stood up a supply chain security component of that, and then within supply chain security we’re looking very, very closely at cybersecurity.”

According to Williams, DLA has a "very strong vetting process” for its suppliers. The agency seeks to use commercial off-the-shelf AI technologies for warehouse management and demand planning in an effort to modernize operations while improving accuracy and accountability, he added.

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