Emily Murphy: Data Helps GSA’s Public Buildings Service Generate Savings, Pursue Modernization

Emily Murphy
Emily Murphy

The General Services Administration’s Public Buildings Service has achieved approximately $2B in savings using an approach that involves elimination, optimization and automation, Federal News Network reported Monday.

Emily Murphy, administrator of GSA and a 2019 Wash100 awardee, told the publication in an interview how the use of granular data helped PBS modernize and generate savings.

“We are trying to take data in, look at problems, analyze those and see if we can do something first to eliminate the problem. Is it a process we need? If so, can we optimize the process, or can we automate it,” Murphy said during an interview at the 2019 ImagineNation ELC conference.

She added that PBS uses robotics process automation to perform bilateral modifications for over 8K leases in order to comply with a provision that bans the use of telecommunications equipment from Chinese telecom firms such as Huawei and ZTE.

“That means instead of leased contracting officers filling out forms and sending them out to everyone. We instead now have them press a button to send out the modified lease and then they can sign and ratify when it comes back,” Murphy said. “This is saving time and money.”

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