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GAO: Land Management Agencies Need More Effort to Address Security Risks

The Government Accountability Office has found that federal land management agencies have not fully assessed the security of facilities for the protection of employees.

The country's Forest Service, Fish and Wildlife, Bureau of Land Management and National Park Service have experienced threats that targeted employees between fiscal years 2013 and 2017, GAO said in a report released Monday.

These agencies possess law enforcement units to secure facilities and employees, but have only completed a fraction of assessments mandated by the Interagency Security Committee. Fish and Wildlife, also known as FWS, has developed a plan to fulfill all assessments, but the three other agencies have not.

ISC additionally requires the agencies to consider all forms of possible violation and assess the threats and consequences of each case. Only the Forest Service's methodology meets these needs.

The government watchdog recommends applicable agencies to follow up with an assessment completion plan and make further effort to address methodology requirements.

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