GSA, Air Force Officials Seeking Preparations for 5G Rollout

Jeff Brody

Bill Zielinski, assistant commissioner of the General Services Administration’s Office of Information Technology Category, has said that agencies must begin analyzing ways to leverage 5G technology, Federal News Network reported Thursday. He told attendees at an event hosted by GSA and the Advanced Technology Academic Research Center that testing activities should already begin as the government expects to see a significant increase in mobile data in 2024.

“We have some opportunities here to think very differently about how we put in place our network infrastructure and telecommunications in the future, but we have to have that lens of security to go along with it,” Zielinski noted.

Frank Konieczny, the U.S. Air Force's chief technology officer, added that the service needs 5G to “to quickly extract the data” generated by next-generation aircraft and support real-time data analytics operations.

He added that the Air Force plans to expand LTE connectivitiy to a maximum of 17 bases next fiscal year.

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