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Naval Research Lab Working on Efforts to Improve AI Training

Jeff Brody

Ranjeev Mittu, head of the Naval Research Laboratory’s information management and decision architectures division, has said that more research needs to be done on using data for artificial intelligence efforts, Federal News Network reported Monday.

He told the publication in an interview that NRL aims to discover ways of training algorithms in cases where access to reliable data isn’t guaranteed.

“It’s not really clear how much data is needed under what scenarios, for what kinds of problems yet, and I think it’s kind of emerging,” Mittu said. “There’s a lot of research going on, but I think fundamentally there’s still a lot more research that needs to be done in the relationship between data and training, and what the right tradeoffs are for the different kinds of problems.”

According to Mittu, the Department of Defense should work on its collaborations with different organizations in addition to acquisition and fielding.

“I think we should be looking at that and looking at what’s successful — what’s working in industry and what isn’t, and figuring out how we can use those techniques for the DoD,” Mittu said.

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