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NAVWAR Creates Scorecard to Assess Cybersecurity Effectiveness

Jeff Brody

The Naval Information Warfare Systems Command’s engineering division has completed the template for a ‘scorecard’ system, which can measure the levels of cybersecurity of various organizations, for data comparison and decision-making purposes.

An organization’s cybersecurity’s effectiveness in sensing cyber attacks, countering negative effects, and performing post-attack recovery procedures will be evaluated by the scorecard Cybersecurity Figure of Merit scorecard, the U.S. Navy reported Tuesday.

The Tactical Networks Program Office, or PMW 160, used these items, which were taken from the recommendations of the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s cybersecurity framework, to conduct a pilot study of the CFOM at the Navy’s Consolidated Afloat Networks and Enterprise Services.

“Cybersecurity Figure of Merit is a powerful tool to assess the impact of your cybersecurity investment,” says Capt. Kurt Rothenhaus, program manager at PMW 160. “For the CANES program we were able to use the tool to articulate to our senior stakeholders how resourcing areas of the network would improve the cybersecurity resiliency in a measurable and consistent manner.”

NAVWAR’s CFOM team intends to investigate the possibility of extending the scorecard’s capacities to be capable of assessing Navy risk possibilities and budget choices.

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