PSC: Federal Cloud Spending Saw 58 Percent Increase in FY19

The Professional Services Council released a study stating that there has been a 17 percent decline in traditional shared services in the federal government last fiscal year, FCW reported Tuesday. PSC implemented the input of federal acquisition and technology officials as part of the study.

According to the PSC 2019 Vision Forecast, federal spending on cloud capabilities increased by 58 percent mostly due to the Trump administration’s “Cloud Smart” and “Cloud First” initiatives.

Steve Vetter, a program lead for the PSC report, said that efforts to meet the President’s Management Agenda’s goals have resulted in an increase in using provisioned information technology or “as-a-service” capabilities.

"Cloud is a form of shared services, but provisioned IT goes beyond shared services," he noted.

David Berteau, president and CEO of PSC and 2019 Wash100 Award winner, added that government IT spending may be impacted by unstable global and federal economic environments resulting from appropriation lapses, continuing resolutions and a partial shutdown.

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