USAF Selects DISA-Made System to Consolidate, Manage Maintenance Information

Paul Crumbliss

The U.S. Air Force is working to remove redundant information technology systems and consolidate maintenance data into a single platform. The Core Automated Maintenance System for Mobility will be USAF’s new maintenance information system and will replace three separate platforms, the Defense Information Systems Agency said Monday.

The DISA Computing Ecosystem supports the design, development, testing and implementation activities necessary for CAMS-FM’s maintenance. The ecosystem uses Scrum, an agile project management framework, to maintain and develop CAMS-FM.

“This framework has been used to develop capabilities that are key to Air Force and U.S. Transportation Command functions worldwide,” said Paul Crumbliss, deputy chief for DISA’s Computing Ecosystem.

USAF is now using CAMS-FM to manage about 1,200 cargo and tanker aircraft. The new maintenance system will replace and unify the functions of USAF’s Integrated Maintenance Data System; Reliability, Availability, Maintainability for Pods; and Enhanced Maintenance Operations Center. This unification will place the control of fighters, bombers, nuclear missiles and mounted tracking systems under CAMS-FM.

Crumbliss said the service branch intends to put 5,000 more fighters and bombers under CAMS-FM in five years. USAF expects to save $140 million in 17 years as CAMS-FM reduces program management work required for the three older systems.

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