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Air Force, Navy Partner to Create Joint C2 Battle System

The U.S. Air Force and Navy have agreed to develop a joint combat network that will enable coordinated operations between the service branches’ aircraft as well as the Navy’s vessels, USNI News reported Wednesday.

Adm. Mike Gilday, the chief of naval operations, entered into an informal agreement with Air Force Chief of Staff and former Wash100 awardee Gen. David Goldfein to establish a Joint All Domain Command and Control network that builds on the Navy’s work on its intra-service weapons control system.

Vice Adm. Jim Kilby, the deputy chief of naval operations for warfighting requirements and capabilities, said the service seeks to continue developing the Navy Integrated Fire Control-Counter Air system to include multiple sensors, weapons and platforms.

“I want one integrated fire network where all the systems snap into that same standard,” he said. “And that’s a challenge for us because our requirements process isn’t generated to do that; it usually generates a requirement that is satisfied by a single resource sponsor and a single program manager, so we’ve got to kind of up our game here.”

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