DARPA Pursues New Genetics Research Program to Improve Military Health

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency plans to invest in biotechnology research that applies genetic engineering to health monitoring. DARPA said Friday that its Detect It with Gene Editing Technologies or DIGET program aims to support medical response, elevate military care standards and prevent disease outbreaks and geopolitical effects.

The effort would inform medical officials on health threats across the globe to help the military conduct diagnoses and maintain physical readiness among troops. The agency intends to use a disposable, handheld pathogen-screening device and a multiplexed detector to address the program's needs.

The multiplexed detector would work to simultaneously scan over 1K targets. Both tools are designed with adaptability to accommodate changing requirements.

DARPA will administer a proposer's day event Dec. 11 in Atlanta to further inform interested parties about the program.

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