Dean Souleles: Intelligence Community Should Invest in Tech, Data to Advance AI Adoption

Dean Souleles
Dean Souleles

Dean Souleles, chief technology adviser at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, said the intelligence community is now laying the groundwork for artificial intelligence adoption, Federal News Network reported Friday.

He mentioned IC’s efforts to modernize its technology infrastructure and advance cloud adoption as part of its IT enterprise program ICITE and the need to invest in graphical processing units and other technologies that will facilitate AI computation.

“Second, we need to make an investment in data. And not the way most people think. It’s not about acquiring more and more data,” Souleles told the publication in an interview. “It’s acquiring the right data and having it properly prepared for machine learning.”

Souleles said the community explores low shot learning and other areas to come up with synthetic data to train an algorithm. He also cited the need to train the workforce to understand bias as they work with AI.

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