Defense, Industry Leaders Cite Minor Powers as Potential Threats to US Cybersecurity

Brandon Valeriano, head of Armed Politics at the Marine Corps University, said that the U.S. should put focus on potential cyber threats from lesser-known actors instead of Russia and China, Fifth Domain reported Thursday.

Valeriano, who also serves as a member of the U.S. Cyberspace Solarium Commission, told attendees at the 2019 CyberCon that the cyber domain can be used by minor or middle powers such as the United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Qatar and Vietnam to achieve national goals without investing in defense assets.

Sergio Caltagirone, vice president of threat intelligence at cybersecurity firm Dragos, also warned that the Middle East is transitioning away from cyber research and development and “becoming a playground of active operations.”

“I’m worried too much about our great power politics focus,” noted Valeriano. “I think we need to think a bit better about the realities of conflict.”

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