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FAA Makes Efforts to Digitize Airmen Notice Bulletins

The Federal Aviation Administration has been working to digitize its notice bulletins that contain logistical data of airports, FCW reported Monday.

Abigail Smith, the agency's director of technical training, said these Notice to Airmen or NOTAM bulletins provide information on closed runways, flight navigation and other factors that air traffic controllers and pilots need to know about for flight safety.

For years, FAA used a paper-based system to deliver NOTAMs, complicating data accessibility. The agency is working with industrial and government partners to streamline NOTAM creation and delivery and make data more digitally accessible, Smith said.

Airline and aeronautics industry parties are providing consultancy support to help FAA further digitize NOTAM. The agency intends to have the digital NOTAM system ready by Jan. 24, 2020.

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